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Six Month Smiles is a tooth straightening treatment that focuses only on the front teeth. Due to this, the duration of treatment is significantly reduced, which usually lasts about six months. Since this system only affects the front teeth, less force is required, which means that Six Months Smile is also more comfortable than traditional braces. Your teeth are gently moved into correct alignment by wearing clear and extremely discreet braces. In addition to being faster, more cautious, and more comfortable than traditional braces, Six Months Smile is less expensive.

Why Do You Need Six Months Smile?

You might need a six months smile for multiple reasons, including:

  • Protrusion of your lower teeth otherwise called an underbite
  • Overlapping of lower teeth with your upper teeth otherwise called an overbite
  • Having cross joints where the teeth bite into the opposite side
  • Having an open bite, where the upper and lower teeth do not meet when chewing
  • Teeth crowding
  • Protrusion of front teeth otherwise called whiplash
  • Having gaps between your teeth or large spaces in the front teeth
  • Having tangled and overlapping teeth

How Six Months Smile Works

Six Month Smiles involves the use of transparent braces. They are brackets connected by a thread, so they are similar to other types of brackets. However, with Six Months Smile, the ties are clear and the yarn is tooth-colored. This means the braces have minimal effect on your smile. Most people who see you smile won’t even notice your braces. Plus, you’ll only be using them for six months. 

Six Months Smile focuses on the “social sixes”, which are the six upper front teeth. These are the teeth that are visible when you smile and therefore have the most effect on your appearance. Instead of having to move all of your teeth and create perfect bite alignment, a six months smile focuses on the teeth that matter most to you, the ones people can see.

Results with Dental Implants

With this treatment, you can claim a more attractive smile in fewer dental visits and at a lower price than metal braces. On top of that, a six months smile can help you enjoy healthier gums in the long run.