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People whiten their teeth regularly to look and feel good. As people age, it is common for teeth to become dull and yellow. This is partly due to aging and eating/drinking habits. For example, drinking tea, coffee, and wine can stain your teeth. Smoking and eating foods containing food coloring can also stain your teeth. Brushing your teeth immediately after eating and drinking can help prevent stains, but it’s usually not enough to completely eliminate the risk.

Why Do You Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

People whose teeth have naturally become stained from eating and drinking are excellent candidates for teeth whitening. Some other reasons to visit a dentist for teeth whitening are:

  • Having stains on the inner layers of your teeth due to medication or fluoride use
  • Generally unhappy with the current appearance of their teeth
  • If you are considering aesthetic improvements to the teeth, one should first consult a professional dentist who specializes in teeth whitening
  • To dramatically brighten their entire smile. 

Types Of Teeth Whitening Processes

Professional teeth whitening processes and techniques can be of different types. 

  • Custom Whitening: It is one of the most reliable methods available. Trays containing whitening products are installed on the teeth for a certain period of time. The trays ensure that the gel or whitening substance does not leak out of the tray, resulting in maximum exposure of the teeth to the whitening substance. 
  • Whitening Strips: They are thin strips of whitening materials that are easy to apply. One band is placed on the upper row of teeth and one on the lower row of teeth. Whitening strips are more suitable if you have light to moderate stains and also if you are pressed for time. 
  • Laser Whitening: The laser helps activate the bleaching agent used in the treatment to whiten the teeth. During the procedure, protectors are placed on the lips and gums to protect them.